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Learn more about Barco Uniforms' product, fabric, manufacturing, and sizing.


What materials are Barco scrubs made from?

Barco uses a variety of fabric combinations between Grey's Anatomy by Barco, Barco One, and Skechers by Barco product collections, including Polyester, Rayon, Spandex, and Nylon materials. Please see product details for exact fabric content and wash

Does Barco utilize sustainable fabric or manufacturing methods?

Barco One and Skechers by Barco scrubs utilize eco-friendly recycled polyester fabric created with recycled plastic bottles. Barco One was the first scrub brand to incorporate Arctech fabric. Besides its remarkable performance, each Barco One scrub s

What are Barco's washing/care instructions?

For best results and long-life machine wash with moderate temperatures, tumble dry on low temperature settings and promptly remove from dryer. For more specific care instructions, refer to each garment's care label.

How do I determine the best size of scrubs for me?

Please utilize the Fit Guide in each of the product pages to determine the best fit for your measurements. You may also reference our sizing chart for more detailed fitting guidelines across all of our brand collections.